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BHS Monthly Support Group Meeting

Monday, March 9th
6:45 pm

Catie Frates Biblical Scientific Creationist


 This is another Monday not to be missed. Catie Frates, an author, Biblical Scientific Creationist, Creation Science Speaker and a Middle and High School Science Teacher will be speaking on CREATION. She has a BSA in Microbiology and Cell Biology from the University of Florida. Catie and her husband Steve make their home in Naples, FL where they pursue God in the raising of their daughters as well as the management of their ministry. Catie’s primary goal is to share the scientific evidence of the Biblical Genesis Account – that, in fact, the scriptures can be taken completely at their word. She is dedicated to the training of God’s people in this arena of such important issues. Catie enthusiastically shares this gift of joy and freedom found for her in the scientific evidence that substantiates the inerrancy of God’s Word in an entertaining and understandable fashion. On Thursdays during the school year, Catie teaches at HEED (Home Educators Enrichment Day) here in Boca Raton.  Please don’t miss this opportunity to hear her speak.


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